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Welcome to Watch Now! Wrestling READ FIRST

Watch Now! Wrestling is a branch off of REDSWRESTLINGBLOG , in an attempt to clear up some "clutter" from the main site while still providing legal access to the latest pro wrestling streams. You can also check out the RW+B page for previous Watch Now posts and much, much more!  I am hopeful that this site will become as popular as the sister page and know that I sincerely appreciate you visiting. Click above where it says FIND CONTENT for quick access to specific uploads separated by labels! Know that the site is ran by one person and sometimes life gets in the way. As a result, use the following to ensure you keep up to date on everything I post even when I can't post it myself! MONDAYS On Mondays I post the latest episodes of Ring of Honor's weekly television series, new Being the Elite uploads, and New Japan's free match of the week. Watch ROH TV episodes HERE  on Fite. Watch BTE episodes HERE on YouTube. Watch NJPW free match uploads HERE on YouTube. TUESDA
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