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Welcome to Watch Now! Wrestling READ FIRST

Watch Now! Wrestling is a branch off of REDSWRESTLINGBLOG, in an attempt to clear up some "clutter" from the main site while still providing legal access to the latest pro wrestling streams. You can also check out the RW+B page for previous Watch Now posts and much, much more! 

I am hopeful that this site will become as popular as the sister page and know that I sincerely appreciate you visiting.

Click above where it says FIND CONTENT for quick access to specific uploads separated by labels!

Know that the site is ran by one person and sometimes life gets in the way. As a result, use the following to ensure you keep up to date on everything I post even when I can't post it myself!

On Mondays I post the latest episodes of Ring of Honor's weekly television series, new Being the Elite uploads, and New Japan's free match of the week.

Watch ROH TV episodes HERE on Fite.

Watch BTE episodes HERE on YouTube.

Watch NJPW free match uploads HERE on YouTube.

Tuesdays see new installments of AEW Dark, IMPACT! Wrestling, and, when they're running, NWA tends to add new episodes then, too.

Watch AEW Dark on YouTube HERE.

Watch IMPACT! Wrestling episodes on their site HERE.

Watch NWA episodes HERE when they're running. Watch old episodes of Powerrr and Shockwave while waiting for the new season of the former to start.

MLW Fusion episodes and We are STARDOM!! episodes are added to WN!W each Wednesday night. A reminder, but I don't add Raw, Dynamite, etc here because there is no legal way to watch these that doesn't require a subscription and this page is all about FREE, legal content.

Watch new episodes of MLW Fusion HERE on their YouTube channel.

New We are STARDOM!! episodes are added HERE on YouTube.

While WN!W mainly focuses on pro wrestling, I feel the ONE Championship Weekly series is worth checking out and tend to add new episodes of that here on Thursdays.

Watch new episodes of ONE Championship Weekly HERE on YouTube.

When they're running new episodes, I upload MKW Blast-off installments of Fridays. MKW is a promotion out of China that is worth checking out.

Watch Blast-off HERE on their YouTube.

Saturdays are when I add new WWN Proving Ground, CNL out of Chile, CWFH, and Puerto Rico's WWC Saturday streams.

Watch WWN Proving Ground HERE on YouTube.

Watch CNL when they're running HERE on YouTube.

Watch Championship Wrestling From Hollywood HERE on YouTube.

Watch WWC HERE on Saturdays via their YouTube.

One Sundays, we get AAA (when they aren't dealing with legal issues), CMLL uploads, OVW TV, and WWC streams. CMLL also airs on other days when things are normal and I'll update this all to reflect that when applicable.

Watch new CMLL uploads on their YT HERE.

Watch OVW episodes HERE on YouTube.

Watch WWC also on Sunday streams on their YouTube HERE.

AAA is in the middle of a lawsuit right now so I'll refrain from adding the link to them until that shit is cleared up.

ChocoProLIVE! episodes are uploaded a bit randomly and can be found HERE.

Reality of Wrestling adds new episodes HERE. They've been very inconsistent due to the pandemic.

NJPW on Roku episodes can be found HERE.

DG Preshows air before most of their shows HERE on YouTube.

BWF Telecatch installments are uploaded HERE when they have new ones.

+LUCHA steams new events often, including new IWRG shows HERE. They always have something new to watch.

I also search WWE, ROH, IMPACT, and DDT YouTube Channels for free match uploads often. Click the links attached to the promotion names to see if something is new that sounds fun.

I hope this helps!


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